AEBR – Association of European Border Regions


Anholt Castle

Following intensive preparatory work, 10 border regions set up a Standing Conference of European Border Regions on 17-18 June 1971 at Anholt Castle (EUREGIO). Alfred Mozerwas elected President and Georg Wiek became its Secretary.

The Conference chose to call itself the “Association of European Border Regions (AEBR)”.

Further information can be found in the section “History of AEBR” and in AEBR’s publication “Cooperation of European Border Regions – Review and Perspectives”, published in 2008 (order form for download).

Organisation of AEBR

AEBR can open fora, form committees and call in representatives from European and political committees, associations or social groups who will be given an advisory vote. A special “Advisory Committee for Cross-border Co-operation” (the “Beirat”), which is composed of scientists and practitioners from all across Europe, has been given the assignment to advise AEBR on all issues of cross-border co-operation. This body can also prepare proposals on how to overcome current problems arising in the field of cross-border cooperation.

The following thematic fora are currently active:

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